Udon Noodles (Pack of 5)

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Udon (饂飩, usually written as うどん) is a type of thick, wheat-flour noodle used frequently in Japanese cuisine. It is often served hot as a noodle soup in its simplest form, as kake udon, in a mildly flavoured broth called kakejiru, which is made of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin.

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Wheat flour, water, salt

Cooking Instructions

  • Noodle with soup - put in noodles while the self-cooked fresh soup is boiled, and then it shall be ready after 2 minutes.
  • Cold noodles with sauce - put in boiled water, after 2 minutes fish out in the bowl, it shall be ready with pouring into favorable sauce.
  • Fried noodles - boil oil in the pan and try to eight tenths cooked with homemade ingredients then it shall be ready after put in noodles 3 minutes later. 
  • Hop pot noodles - put noodles in the hot pot and it shall be ready 2 minutes later.

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Room temperature