Seasonal Oriental Vegetable box

Seasonal Oriental Vegetable box

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Our selection of seasonal oriental vegetables are used extensively in the restaurants and takeaways of the iconic China Towns in Birmingham, Manchester and London. 

The pressures on these professional chefs who serve genuine authentic dishes on a daily basis demands only the highest quality, freshest produce, with the best value and a proven consistency of all their ingredients, which is why they chosen us to as their main food supplier for over 20 years.

Now you can bring the same premium vegetables into your kitchen. With a choice of 2 box sizes you will receive:


a week's supply for a small family of 2-4 people


a week's supply for a large family of 5-6 people

Choi Sum 500g 1.0kg
Green Pak Choi 500g 1.0kg
Chinese Leaf 1 loose 2 loose
Thai Red Chilli 5 loose (10g) 5 loose
Long Red Chilli 1 loose (25g) 2 loose
Enoki Mushroom 200g 2 x 200g
Ginger 1 loose (100g) 1 loose
Large Garlic 1 bulb (70g) 1 loose
Large Green Pepper 2 loose (500g) 4 loose
Large Onion 1 bulb (500g) 2 bulb
Large Carrots 2 loose (500g) 8 loose
Closed Cap Mushrooms 10 loose (280g) 20 loose