About Us

Hello from us…

BeFood is a proud part of Ocean King, a leading supplier of authentic ingredients, high-quality meats, fish and exclusive brands to the best Far Eastern and Chinese restaurants and takeaways in the UK. Based in Loughborough, the successful business grew from humble family beginnings. Today, Ocean King serves over 500 of professional chefs and restaurants with the finest ingredients.


BeFood grew from the immediate need for high quality food delivery through the lockdown period. Ocean King paused a large part of its restaurant business during the pandemic while it’s newly created BeFood service quickly developed into a successful Chinese and far Eastern recipe box and ingredient supplier, delivering to homes and families across the Charnwood and North West Leicestershire area.

Today, BeFood is Leicestershire’s first and only far Eastern recipe box and ingredient supplier, inspiring home cooks across the region with its finest products and easy to follow meal boxes. BeFood makes it easy to recreate all your favourite Chinese and far Eastern delicious dishes at home, to share with family and friends.

A family business

The business is run by the Thai family; Mum, Dad and four brothers. The family’s business ethics and solid values stem from their journey and beginning as refugees from war-torn Vietnam. Their experience moulded their vision and steered their success. The family remains committed to creating opportunities for all employees, of all nationalities, building honest and loyal relationships and delivering excellent, personal customer service.

After 23 years in business, Ocean King and BeFood now employs 27 people from its 10,000 ft first class storage and logistic facility in Loughborough. 

Thai Family 1991

Thai family picture from 1991. L-R: Steve, Nana, Norman, Ian, Mum-Linda, Dad-Derek, John.